I Heart Faces – Autumn Beauty

It’s been ages since I’ve had time or an appropriate photo to share on I Heart Faces.  I still read their posts every week, but this week I have this lovely photo of Anja in a sea of pumpkins.  Isn’t it fun?  She was just enamored, and went around telling us which ones were big, which were small, and telling us which ones she wanted.

Pumpkin Patch

Click on over to check out the other entries this week and/or submit your own!

9 thoughts on “I Heart Faces – Autumn Beauty

  1. aaaaaaah! Look at all those pumpkins! I was so bummed that I didn’t get to take my kids to a pumpkin patch this year because it was constantly raining. 😦 Such a cute photo though and I love that you shared some of the story about it because it makes it even cuter.

  2. Nice colors! Love the photo! The kid is too cute and adorable! Shes having fun on the sea of pumpkins. Haha. Nice job!


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