Seven Quick Takes

I’ve read this bloggy carnival over at Conversion Diary before, but never taken part.  Well, today it is the perfect thing for me, since I have some random things to mention, but not much of a coherent post.

1.  I missed my own 2nd Blogiversary.  Oops.  Does a blogiversary count when you only post about once a week?  These last few months have been insane, I tell you, and blogging really was on the back burner.  I’ve missed it, and I’ve missed my usual rounds and comment-making.

2. My blogroll disappeared at some point.  Maybe it was during a WordPress upgrade?  I don’t know, but all my linky love is gone.  I hope to resurrect that sometime in the near future, and maybe even update it a bit!

3. A guest poster (whom I love dearly) will be sharing here on Monday how to make lefse!  I can’t wait for you to read her tutorial and see all the fantastic step-by-step photos to go with it.  Also, remember that day will be the drawing for the Disney on Ice tickets, so sign up while you can!

4.  Pioneer Woman is here in the Twin Cities tomorrow!  Anyone else going to meet her or get your cookbook signed?

5. Another thing I’ve been slacking on is Anja’s monthly progress updates.  She has changed so much since her 23-month post (since she’s now almost 27 months!), and I have so much to share.  Be prepared for a doozy of those coming up!

6. Though I haven’t had the mind to put up any Christmas decorations yet, we’ve been listening to Christmas music around here for several weeks.  I have several favorite CDs that get played over and over.  Any you’d recommend I add to my collection?  I budgeted for one new CD this year.  Speaking of which, if you haven’t been over to see Tsh’s 12 Days to a Peaceful Christmas, I highly suggest you go.  We’ve been using it to plan our holiday season.  Probably my favorite exercise she’s had us do is describe our ideal holiday and make a plan to celebrate in such a way.

7.  What are you doing for Thanksgiving?  Do you have any family traditions?

And a photo of my girly girl, dancing in her tutu and jammies…

Tutu 2 092909

3 thoughts on “Seven Quick Takes

  1. I did go to MOA with my daughter today to meet Ree, and kept an eye out for you… did you make it? I saw someone who looked like you, there with a guy and no Anja… speaking of whom, she looks so tall in that picture!

  2. I’m so bummed I missed Pioneer Woman at the MOA! I had to work and I guess money is more important than meeting Pioneer Woman (at least that’s what Hubby says) 🙂

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