Pie and Pits

If you have yet to make your Thanksgiving pie(s) for this year, may I suggest this beauty? Just looking at it makes me drool.  It’s like the best of three worlds–pumpkin, pecan, and cheesecake all rolled into one!


Also, once I use up my shampoo, I’m considering going ‘poo free, and today I read this post about natural deodorant, and my mind is churning on that one, too.  After all, our skin our largest organ, and as Katie (in the deodorant article) puts it, “One of its job is to absorb.”  I want to be as aware of what I’m putting on my skin as of what I put in my mouth.  Have any of you ever tried either?  If so, what were your results?

7 thoughts on “Pie and Pits

  1. Heidi, have you ever looked into natural deodorant salt sticks? Here’s one brand on the market: http://www.thecrystal.com/ I’ve seen this product in the organic products aisle in my grocery store.

    I’ve also washed my hair w/baking soda before, but only a handful of times. It definitely felt squeaky clean afterwards!

  2. My husband tried a deoderant rock recently because he had to for a three day allergy treatment thing, but afterwards he said that he would use it all the time because it worked better than his deoderant at keeping odor away. If only it were an anti-perspirant, too…

    Pie looks great!

    • I think I’d be able to go shampoo-free but not deoderant. I’ve only tried one kind of natural deoderant and it didn’t work at all. (can’t remember the brand though).

      I only shampoo my hair once a week. I recommend slowly phasing it out. I went down to every other day, then every three, etc. That way your scalp gets used to making less oil gradually without having an “I look unwashed” period. lol.

  3. Heidi, I’m definitely looking into this. My hair gets greasy so fast and it’s such a pain to clean it every day! This may be a good alternative (or just the better safer way to go!), and to save money, too! Thanks for sharing this… never have even heard of “no ‘poo” before now!

  4. Yay for jump starting natural products usage amongst your readers! I give you a big thumbs up. I don’t know how “no ‘poo” would work, but I do use a natural deodorant that I love.

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