Stockings were hung…

on the closet with care?  My family never used to have a fireplace.  Mom has had one for two years now, but she still hangs the stockings in their traditional place, on the front entry closet door (thumbtacks).  They can’t be filled where they are, because hello?  One thumbtack barely holds the weight of the stocking, much less the stuff inside.  My mom’s idea of stocking stuffers are larger than most family’s main gifts, however.  She goes, shall we say, just a tad overboard.

I love our old stockings.  We’ve had them for as long as I can remember, and my aunt Barb made them.  I attempted to make one for Husband when he joined the family, and quickly learned that they are a LOT of work.  And mine turned out nowhere near as nicely as hers, so subsequent members of the family (my sis-in-law and Anja) have received store-bought stockings.  🙂

That little crocheted stocking attached to mine used to be my cat’s.  Even he got Christmas gifts.

Stockings 112709

Do you hang stockings?


2 thoughts on “Stockings were hung…

  1. I have a stocking at my parents house, where they are hung down the stairway railing, and at our house, where they are hung on our living room hutch. Both hold a fair amount of stuff but you have to be very careful filling them so you don’t tip over the hanger thingies that we got from Target.

    I love filling stockings. you can put in little things that people might think are silly as a wrapped gift, like candy, crayons, soap, etc.

  2. Yes, we hang stockings that my grandma made for us when we were kids (my mom made JP’s). They’re felt, with a lot of sequins. I bet you’ll see a picture of them if you click through to my blog, because I haven’t updated it since last Christmas! 🙂

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