Baby on the Way

So this baby is due in a little over a month, and I have yet to do much of any preparing for his/her arrival. The plain truth is, I haven’t had time! I dug out the Boppy and have put a few of Anja’s neutral-ish newborn clothes in a bag in her closet for quick access (some of which are seasonally inappropriate, but I figure I can just plop something warmer over them, right?).

What did you do to prepare for your second (or third, fourth, etc.) child? I hope to have time to pre-cook some meal starters (ground beef, cubed chicken, etc.) and freeze them. And I have a list of a few things we will need (double stroller, smaller diapers), but what am I missing? Help!


10 thoughts on “Baby on the Way

  1. Wow! Already? I can’t believe it!

    Well, I’m no help on the baby prep, but I would skip the double stroller and go straight for the sit ‘n’ stand stroller. You’ll be so glad you did!

  2. A double of some style is very important. Your 2 are about the same age my first two are so I think a stroller is more important. Other than getting the clothes and meals ready, try to spend some extra time alone with your oldest. And enjoy the ease of only getting one out of the car for now : -)

  3. I think you’re doing just fine. My third is due in THREE DAYS and I haven’t done much.

    About 2 weeks ago, I pulled out a bin of my son’s clothes and washed all the neutral items and put them in the closet. (We don’t know the gender.)

    Yesterday I started packing a hospital bag but haven’t finished.

    We don’t have diapers yet as I was going to get cloth but never got around to it. We’ll probably end up stopping at Target on the way home from the hospital!! When you get diapers, don’t forget things you’ll want like nipple cream and super maxipads.

    Oh, have you registered at your hospital yet? That’s one thing I got checked off in a fairly timely manner. lol

  4. I was definitely not as prepared for my second as I was for my first! I agree with Erica, go for a Sit and Stand stroller. I love mine!
    I’d be more than happy to bring over some meals if need be (since we live so close)! Just let me know ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. I love our Sit ‘n Stand!!! We paid a bit extra to get the ‘deluxe’ version. Basically the seat can be a normal seat with straps, but you can also take off the seat to just have the bench for the sit ‘n stand option. With our 3rd on the way (our 2nd will still need to be strapped in) I am quite thankful we spend the little extra for this version!!

  6. With the first baby, I was super-uber-dooper prepared. With every subsequent baby I do less and less. Now, after having 5 babies, I just make sure to have little teeny diapers and the car seat. It’s easier for me since, you know, I only have girls so I just leave out all the girl clothes for the next baby. I do like to make some meals before hand. It is truly a blessing to not have to worry about making meals for a while after baby comes. As far as I can tell from my very distant and limited knowledge, it sounds like you’re on top of it! I’m so happy for you and can’t wait to see pics of your new little blessing.

  7. Archie arrived 4 weeks early. Beatrix was 3 weeks early. You’d think I would have learned something from her surprise birth, but I didn’t…

    I had nothing washed and ready to go. No diapers. My bag wasn’t packed. The carseat/carrier was still in the basement. Same with the bassinet, sheets, etc. I had no post-partum pads, but luckily I still had breast pads left over from Beatrix.

    I think IF there was another baby, I’d be more likely to get stuff done earlier. That would be baby #8 and one would hope such a mom would learn SOMETHING from history. You’d be mistaken.

    I think you can live without a double stroller for a little while, especially since it’s easy to use a sling with a newborn. I do agree they are very, very handy for longer outings.

    Cozy jammies, onesies, a warm bunting, blankets, and diapers. That’s all you need…I really like having winter babies, BTW. There is built-in bonus snuggle time because it’s harder to get out and about. Sigh.

  8. Only 1 more month?!?! Time flies, girl!

    Boy do I know about the double stroller! Was nanny for toddlers 11 months apart and we brought that thing everywhere! You will despise turning corners with it (or love it for its triceps toning ability??).

  9. Oh, enjoy this last month! I loved sitting and snuggling with my first while I still could. I loved my Graco double stroller – I loved being able to strap both of them in – helped with control in the mall, etc. I never tried a sit-and-stand, so I don’t know what they’re like. Newborn diapers are helpful, have the crib up and ready, clothes washed, blankets, etc. – I had them in the dresser as I had time. I had a pretty disastrous first experience and spent eight days in the hospital and back for repair surgery in a few months, so I made sure I was extra prepared the second time – and thankfully everything went so much better the second time! But I started about a month ahead, making extra large meals and freezing half. I used a lot of recipes from Taste of Home that recommended freezing half. I think they might have been called freezer pleasers. But they’ve changed their format since then. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Having all those meals in the freezer were a big help when meals from friends and church stopped coming. Oh, nursing pads – I leaked horribly, so I really needed them – handy to have already in the house. And those feminine pads for postpartum, too. I couldn’t drive myself for six weeks so it was nice for me to have personal items like that on hand rather than ask someone to pick them up (because my husband just LOVES shopping in that aisle!) ๐Ÿ™‚ But hopefully everything will go smoothly for you and you’ll be thinking, “why was I worried?” ๐Ÿ™‚ Get some rest and just cherish these special days with your daughter. And maybe read her a book or two about a baby coming to the family. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Oh, you can always shop for a double stroller after the baby comes, too – a fun family outing! and then get ice cream. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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