The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes

I’ve been looking forward to this bloggy carnival for a few weeks now…and it’s here!  BooMama used to host this tour, and she handed it over to The Nester this year.  Can’t wait to see everyone’s decorating!

We’ll start in my living/kitchen area, where the theme is blue and silver (my husband’s 1/4 Jewish, but that’s not the reason behind the scheme; I just like it).  I have a balustrade hanging on the wall above my piano that gets changed fairly often.  This year some tinsel, snowflakes, and my Willow Tree nativity are featured.


Next to the couch on my little green sewing cabinet:

A tinsel wreath with more snowflakes hanging in front of the doors out to our balcony (you can see my pregnant self in the reflection…nice):

Behind my sink, giving me something pretty to look at:

And also in the kitchen on a little ledge:

My kitchen table centerpiece, this darling chipboard house that a co-worker gave me last year (I’ve since decided to make my own every year to add to a collection of them):

And, of course, the tree (I forgot to get a picture of the full tree):

We get a real tree every year, and this is part of the price we pay.  Needles everywhere!

In the dining area, my theme is more neutrals, reds and silvers.  Here’s my dining table centerpiece (got the tree as a gift from Mom, made the runner, and picked up the silver votives at Michael’s a few weeks ago):

A little Nester-type garland I made to hang on my old farmhouse window:

A candle setting (and seriously, it’s impossible to photograph Christmas decor without ending up in the photos!) and this adorable little advent house (MAJOR score at Kohl’s…was $50, got it for less than $5!) grace my sofa table turned buffet.  Anja, my daughter, enjoys opening all the little doors, even though there’s nothing in them this year.  🙂


Festive stuff pours into every room, but I’ll just give you a couple more peeks.  Another tree and nativity in our bedroom (can’t wait to paint that occasional table someday):

And some little vignettes of our guest bath/Anja’s bathroom, all girly in pinks and burgundys.


Wish I’d had some time to prepare snacks for y’all, but those we did have made have been eaten!

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Christmas Tour of Homes with The Nester

14 thoughts on “The Nester’s Christmas Tour of Homes

  1. such darling details. I’m impressed that even your wrapping paper matches the blue and silver theme 🙂

    (this probably especially sticks out to me, because I’m the lady who’s been working off the same giant roll of christmas paper from costco that I bought 6(?) years ago. everyone will be quite surprised this year NOT to see that same paper. I used the last up last year :-} )

  2. I love the blue and silver together! That balustrade is such a great decor feature, where in the world did you find it and how is it hung? I have a window like the one you decorated, you gave me a great idea for using it, thanks!

  3. Can’t recall how I stumbled across your blog and I haven’t been reading long, but I’m glad I did. Thanks for the wonderful pictures and stories to go with them.

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