Snippets of Christmas

Alternately titled: I edited some photos and will post them because I’m stuck at home on Christmas Day.

Our tree died so we took it down on Monday. Now you can’t see any of it, because it’s covered with a mound of snow.
Tree 122109

And the tree decorations are sitting on the dining room table, waiting to be put away next week with the rest of the Christmas decor.
Decorations 122109

Anja received LOTS of Duplos for Christmas from Husband’s family, so we spent a lot of this week doing things like this:
Lego Train 122109

And this:
Lego City 122109

Until this week, I had only heard of the wonder of these cinnamon rolls, but now I can heartily recommend them. Pre-frosting:
Cinnamon Rolls 1 122309

Post-frosting (oh, the humanity!):
Cinnamon Rolls 2 122309

And on my plate:
Cinnamon Rolls 3 122309

Today we scooped some snow off the balcony and brought it in to play.
Snow Play 122509

And Mommy’s Christmas present arrived in the mail, so I opened it. Oooooohh….
Le Creuset 122509

We’re still hoping the snow will let up so we can travel to be with family this weekend. But in the meantime, I hope you’re able to snuggle up with your family or rock next to a cozy fire.
Fire 112709

And I hope your Christmas is white, but not quite as white as ours! 🙂
Snow Globe 112809

3 thoughts on “Snippets of Christmas

  1. Ack, your P-Dub cinna-rolls came out looking SO much better than mine! I had a difficult time getting mine thin at all (in the rolling out stage)….do you think that could have anything to do with leaving them in the fridge overnight? Funky yeast things happening? Dunno.


    I laughed so hard when I realized I had read one of the sentences above incorrectly. I thought you were saying to snuggle up with family…and if you don’t have family, snuggle a rock. HAHA, I suppose “next to a cozy fire” is an imperative part of the sentence…

  2. Mmmmm, cinnamon rolls. So wish I was up there for all the snow. I had been up during first lil bit Dec 3-6, but missed the first big dump by a few days. Hate to rub it in, but us Floridians have to deal with all this white beach sand between our toes. Hope everyone stays safe.

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