Anja, 28 mos.

Darling daughter, it has been far too long since I’ve done one of these posts (5 months!  Sad!), so this will be a bit of a conglomeration of what you’ve learned and are doing since you turned two.  At 28 months, you:

  • speak in full sentences most of the time.  At 25 months:  “I pooped.  Let’s go change my diaper.”  Today: “Mama, I want to go play with my toys.  I will give the baby a bath.”
  • can name almost all your shapes, including semicircle and crescent.  Rectangles still give you troubles, though (they do look like squares, sweetie!).
  • sleep 10:00ish at night to 8:30ish in the morning most nights, with a two-hour nap in the afternoons.  However, you talk and sing yourself to sleep for both of these, and this process sometimes takes up to two hours.  You LOVE to hear your own voice!
  • have overcome (mostly, but not completely) your fear of other children and are learning to play with them.  Church nursery holds much fun for you, and you have never cried when attending, and you have even started to look forward to MOPS mornings, when “you play with the kids and Mommy plays with the ladies.”
  • stopped going to daycare in November.  Mommy is almost done with photography stuff for the season and has been enjoying much more creative play with you.
  • still love books and will “read” to yourself for 30 minutes at a time.  I love that.  🙂  You also seem to memorize most stories after just two or three readings, and you repeat them to your babies and stuffed animals, sometimes embellished with your own imaginative additions.
  • have become quite demanding and bossy.  We hear you disciplining your own babies and animals when they are “naughty,” though, and we know you understand why you are disciplined yourself.  It’s just funny to hear you chastising them.  We’re hoping this phase is short-lived, but we also hoped that about your stubbornness, which has hung around rather…stubbornly.
  • have started asking to pee on the potty fairly regularly.  You usually go within a minute of sitting down.  However, we’re still not “officially” training you, because everyone we talk to says you’d regress anyway when the baby comes.
  • use “my” in place of “I.”  I don’t bother correcting you because I think it’s adorable and you’ll only talk like this for a short time.  “My want to eat snack.  My doesn’t want to go to the post office!”
  • got to see Disney Princesses on Ice and told me proudly, “I can skate.”  “Oh really?” I said.  You showed me your mad skillz when we got home and proceeded to “skate” around the living room for several days.
  • built your first snowman with Mommy and Daddy.  His face melted off within the day, but his body is still there!
  • have started adding your own prayers to Mommy’s and Daddy’s before bed.  You usually just pray for things you see around you (“thank you, Jesus, for the closet”) or parrot our prayers for health and safety, but sometimes you get elaborate (One night it was “Thank you God for Jesus, the Lord of mystery.”  We couldn’t help but burst out laughing!).
  • have learned to hold up two fingers (sometimes) to show your age.
  • are constantly mistaken for a 3- or 4-yr-old because you’re so tall and talkative.
  • enjoy dancing to music, sometimes with props.  Watching you makes me smile.
  • have become a huge fan of Duplos.  You build lovely towers and houses.
  • are scared of pooping in the bath (even though it’s been months since it’s happened, you freak out about it every time you have a bath) and also scared you’ll go down the drain.  We don’t know why.
  • have favorite foods: sweet potatoes, broccoli, pizza, chicken, pasta, Juice Plus+ Gummies, and juice (a rare treat).
  • have foods you still dislike: carrots and leafy greens.
  • learned to play Candyland.
  • had a habit that lasted almost a month: taking off your socks and “picking scum” from your toes about 10 times a day.  Thankfully, it seems you’ve gotten over it for the most part!
  • are experimenting with different art mediums.  You seem to enjoy watercolor paints the most.

3 thoughts on “Anja, 28 mos.

  1. Ohhhh…you are bringing back so many memories for me as many of these are still fresh–Kira is 3.5 years old. Anja may NOT regress as far as potty training goes when your baby arrives! Kira was the same way Anja is when she was that age. She asked to go on the potty and went shortly after sitting down. We didn’t officially “train” her because everyone told us she would regress. Well, she didn’t! She kept on training herself even after Tayla was born! We had absolutely NO problems with potty training her. Hope Anja is the same way for you!

  2. I loved reading all about Anja! That was so fun! Our girls LOVE to sit and read for a long time too. Last night they both hopped into Anika’s crib and “read” almost every book in the book shelf (what a mess!) which took them about 45 minutes. It was wonderful and super cute! Makiah memorizes her books after a couple readings too. It is amazing. She’ll correct me if I read the wrong word. Too funny!

  3. HA! I am just about crying I am laughing so hard about the prayer to the “Lord of mystery”! And the announcing her dirty diaper sounds EXACTLY like my neice: “Mom, I have a stinky. Its a big one!”

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