Fashion for the Post-Partum Stomach

Can I just talk for a moment about how excited I am that all-over ruffles and drop waists are in style for this spring?  Because even if I meet my post-pregnancy weight-loss goals as they arrive (FAT chance; pun intended), my stomach skin will still resemble an over-used bean bag full of hair gel.  Seriously gross.

So shirts like this and this and this and this make me quite happy (Except what is with all the silk?  Did we not learn anything from the pit stains of the early 90s?).

And though I love the cinch-waisted 50s look that is back in style, I’m a little less optimistic that I will ever look nice again in outfits like this and this.  But I might be able to pull off this with some leggings…

Any trends for this spring/summer of which I should be aware?  Something that a newly-turned 30-yr-old can pull off?  I am waaaaay out of the loop as far as fashion, since I haven’t really purchased anything wearable by a non-pregnant person since last spring.  I lurve this outfit (the one labeled “Oatmeal and Taupe,” but I would have to find a cheaper version.

Spice Drawer, a.k.a. The Spice is Right

I’ve seen lots of innovative ways to store spices here and there on the internet, but I have to admit, I’ve never found one that works as well for me as this system.

When we lived in Fargo, I stored my spices in the cupboard, and I found I was always, even with them on risers, unable to see the labels.  Then I ended up knocking bottles over, which of course produced the domino effect, and I would get uber-frustrated.

Enter the drawer.  I am blessed, in my current kitchen, to have a lot of cupboard space and seven (!) drawers.  I relegated some things that would normally be housed in drawer to the cupboards, and voila!  Two drawers dedicated solely to spices!  I can always see the labels, and I never upset the contents of the drawer while pulling out a spice. For most people one drawer might be enough, but I’m a bit of a spice junkie. We make many varieties of food around here, so you never know when you might need curry powder or Spanish paprika or turmeric.

Spices 012710

Do you have a favorite spice? I am in love with cumin. And thyme. I put them in all sorts of stuff. Ginger is right up there, too. Great on meats, in baked goods, stir fry…

Spices 2 012710

The best part? These drawers don’t really have to be that organized. I only used the silverware tray because I had it–you can just toss the spices in a drawer and they’re still easier to access than in the cupboard.

Markus, 2 weeks

At two weeks, my favorite little boy, you:

  • Are wearing size 1 diapers.  Thankfully we only had one pack of newborn ones!
  • Are wearing 0-3 month clothes.  The newborn clothes never had a chance.  Pants are a little long (you have short, stumpy legs instead of long chicken legs like your sister), but we just roll them.  🙂
  • Still sleep great, and we have trouble keeping you awake for wake times.
  • Have a girlie scream/shriek.  I think it’s hilarious, but I hope you outgrow it before you have peers.
  • Still have all your dark hair.
  • Dislike tummy time, and have rolled yourself front-to-back to avoid it a couple of times.
  • Are easily settled.  Daddy can go in and just pick you up for 30 seconds and have you right back to sleep.  Love it!
  • Absolutely despise being cold. This includes bath time.  You are one of those babies who howls through the entire bath, even with two warm washcloths on your body!

012110 01

An Award

Deiala gave me this cute award, and there are some rules to go with it:

1. List 10 things that make you happy.
2. Try to do at least one thing on the list today.
3. List 10 bloggers who brighten your day.
4. Those of you to whom I give this award are to link back to my blog and perpetuate the happy with your own lists and recipients and whatnot.

Off we go!

10 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. Jesus (though he’s not really a thing).
  2. Snuggling my new baby and watching his “face show” after a feeding.
  3. Cookies.
  4. Watching the Vikings win.
  5. Caring friends (again, not a thing).
  6. Decorating books.
  7. Working out and feeling good.
  8. Trying a new restaurant with my hubby.
  9. Getting to “know” bloggers through this strange-yet-amazing medium.
  10. Capturing just the right moment with my camera.

10 Bloggers Who Brighten My Day

  1. Maria (because she talks about color all the time)
  2. Beck (because even though she can be snarky and sassy, there’s this underlying sweetness about her, and I love her writing)
  3. The Jos (because it’s fun to read about their families)
  4. Tsh (because her posts are so insightful and practical)
  5. Bakerella (because YUM for my eyes and my tummy)
  6. Layla (because she is fun and decorates how I would love to decorate)
  7. Kelly (because she writes about real life and is from Minnesota, just like me)
  8. Donna (because she is so positive about everything)
  9. Gretchen (because she is super-kind and her family is super-creative and it shows through her blogging)
  10. Tara (because she’s my blogging buddy, one of the few I’ve met in real life, even if her posts are infrequent)

If those of you I’ve listed don’t get time to do this, I won’t be offended in any way.  Just know that you brighten the blogosphere for me and others!

    An Anjaism

    While packing up the diaper bag one morning this week, Husband inquired, “What’s in this thing?  Why is it so heavy?”

    “A water bottle?” I offered.




    Anja, who was sitting nearby at the table eating breakfast, put down her spoon and suggested, “Pineapples?”

    Markus, 1 week

    Since this time is going so quickly and babies change so much in the first month or two, I am going to post as often as I can of Markus’s progress.

    Markus, at one week, you:

    • are a champion nurser.  You are such a perfectionist about it that sometimes you pull off and re-latch yourself, as if to say, “I can do better than this, Mom.”  It was pretty funny watching you “drink from the firehose” for the first few days my milk was in.
    • are (as a result of the previous item, no doubt) back to your starting weight of 9 lbs, 1 oz.
    • stayed 21″ long.  I didn’t push terribly long with you, either, so you didn’t have a cone-shaped head and therefore shrink after birth.
    • have the most adorable face show mid-feeding.  You breathe quickly, your eyelids flutter, you smile and grimace and make a little “o” with your mouth.  Watching you is one of my favorite things to do these days!
    • are a very even-keeled baby (thus far!).  We are so thankful for this, since your sister’s adjustment has been a little hard on us.  You usually only cry if you are hungry or cold, and you are content when you are awake or asleep.
    • are a snuggler!  Mama prayed for a snuggly baby, and she got what she asked for with you.  I love smelling that wish-I-could-bottle-it-and-keep-it-forever newborn smell on your head and neck as you cozy up on my shoulder.
    • got to go on your first outing last night.  We ate supper out at Red Robin for Mama’s birthday (yay for birthday coupons!), and you slept through the entire meal.
    • are fairly impossible to keep awake.  Undressing, foot and head rubs, singing and talking right to your face, dancing, even an ice pack on your tummy–nothing keeps you awake when you want to sleep!
    • seem to like infant massage.  Just as she couldn’t stand to be cuddled, your sister wasn’t big on touch, so I stopped trying to do massage with her.
    • are our favorite little boy in the universe.  We are so blessed to have you!

      011710 Markus and Mama