Christmas-y Craft #1

As you saw on my Christmas Tour, I have a cute little chipboard house that a co-worker gave me last year.  I’ve long thought of making my own little chipboard village, but this year I finally broke down and bought a couple supplies: some craft paints, Martha Stewart glitter to match the paints, and a little house box, since it was super-cheap, and I figured it would be nice to have a “base” to start with rather than constructing mine from scratch.  I haven’t done anything like this since my days of architecture school!

Here’s the box I began with:
Chipboard House 120209

And what it became:
Chipboard House 2 123109

Now that I’m looking at the photo, I kind of wish I had done windows not just on the sides but on the front, too. Oh well. I hope to do one each year and put them up in some sort of little village display. And maybe get some of that fake snow to dribble over the “yards.” The paint and glitter isn’t quite believable.

Chipboard House 1 123109


2 thoughts on “Christmas-y Craft #1

  1. This house looks really nice! I can already imagine the little village you’re imagining…
    Can you put candles inside?! Because I saw such a set of houses once at a Christmas fair that had candles in them and it just looked wonderful…

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