Christmas-y Craft #2

I made this (plus two more) early in December, but I couldn’t post them because, you know, some of my family reads my blog!

Garland 1 120209

Anyway, it’s a garland completely inspired by The Nester (tutorial here).  I used jute twine for my base and just cut cloth into strips of similar length, then tied them around the ornaments I’d attached.  The cloth-cutting is a bit tedious, but after that the project goes quickly.

Garland 2 120209

Now I’m thinking of making a big one to hang on my balustrade, which is currently nekkid.  😉


4 thoughts on “Christmas-y Craft #2

  1. Very cute! I bet a rotary cutter would make this project much easier.

    BTW, this is exactly how you make a tutu! But it’s easier because the tulle comes in strips and there’s less cutting.

    • Yeah, I’ve never used a rotary cutter…honestly, I don’t probably do enough sewing to merit having one. And don’t you need a big mat to use it with, too?

      I made two white tutus the first spring after Anja was born, one for her and one for a photography prop. Just used elastic instead of twine to tie it onto. I think next time I might use a pretty ribbon, since the elastic has gotten stretched out of shape and kind of stays that way since it’s held by the tulle.

  2. Hi Mom-

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