Cosmetic Toxicity

I’m two weeks into going ‘poo-free, and today while doing some more research on it I came across this fabulous website that rates cosmetic safety.  You can search for products you use in the top search bar (for example, “aveeno conditioner” or “dove deodorant”), and it will tell you whether these products are linked to cancer, developmental/reproductive toxicity, violations/restrictions/warnings, allergies/immunotoxicity, or other concerns.

Considering we are doing our best to eliminate items of questionable origin from our diets and skincare routines (and holy moly, did I find out how bad my hairspray is!!!), this is a very timely tool.  Hope you find it useful, too!

One thought on “Cosmetic Toxicity

  1. This is scary! I was looking up makeup too. Yikes! I just had a Norwex party this weekend and found out all sorts of useful, scary things that I never knew before, like that dryer sheets have formeldhyde in them.

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