Why Play with the Duplos?

When you can fit in the box?

Duplos 1 010910

Duplos 2 010910

(And yes, she needs a haircut, but Mama hasn’t decided yet if she wants to bob it or let it stay longish…)

Duplos 3 010910

Duplos 4 010910

Duplos 5 010910


3 thoughts on “Why Play with the Duplos?

  1. Archie just spent 10 minutes playing with an empty goldfish carton from Costco. Meanwhile, a ginormous bin brimming with colorful toys is ignored. It usually is.

    I vote for bob! Beatrix had long hair until she was 2.5. I got tired of picking bits of food out of it and trying to brush it without making her uncomfortable. It tangled so easily. Bobs with bangs are so adorable on little girls. I just had it bobbed again on Sunday after letting it grow out from her last big haircut. I love it.

  2. Cute! Anika got those same duplos for Christmas too and she was wearing her green container on her head tonight as a helmet! What silly, creative girls we have!

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