My Take on the Burlap Wreath

I ran across this wreath on a blog, and since I had a bunch of burlap left over from this project, I decided to give it a go.  I originally planned it for my nekkid balustrade, but it was a bit too diminutive and looked ridiculous.  I hung it on this window.  Now I just need some bigger ribbon to tie it up with–this strip of leftover cloth I had (from a different project) isn’t doing it for me.  🙂

This is a very fast project.  Start-to-finish for me was probably about 45 minutes, but part of that was because I started out with a heavy-gauge wire, thinking I wouldn’t need something as thick as a hanger.  Not so!  The burlap made my wire sag, so I had to re-do the entire thing.  I don’t know if the wreath in the tutorial is smaller than mine or something, but I used six 3′ strips (4″ wide), and it still seemed a bit sparse to me.

Burlap Wreath 010910


One thought on “My Take on the Burlap Wreath

  1. What a nice wreath! You just got sooo many wonderful ideas for decorating. Thanks for always sharing…
    In acknowledgement I’d like to pass on the award I got from Angelia to you. I don’t know if you’re participating, but if yes, you’ll find the award on my blog.

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