Using Children’s Artwork

I’m sure you’ve read other great ideas for all the great paintings/drawings/sculptures your children produce.  Here’s a little project I did last week using some of Anja’s.

It’s so hard for me to throw away things that she works on.  We mail them to relatives, I take photos of some of them before tossing them, and some we save or hang on our own fridge.  But there gets to be so much a house can hold, and then it has to go.  I took some of Anja’s art and made it into thank you cards, so now when she “writes” thank you notes, she can do it on these.  She was pretty proud when she saw them.

Cards 010910

I make other cards, too, on the rare occasions when I possess time and motivation (see samples below, and try to forget you saw them if you’re someone who regularly gets cards from me), but the Anja thank yous were my favorite.

Cards 2 010910

Cards 3 010910


3 thoughts on “Using Children’s Artwork

  1. I also LOVE the thank you note idea. I always hate tossing the girls artwork but they make about 10 pictures a day so it’s hard to save that many! I’ll have make them into cards! I love it!

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