Markus, 2 weeks

At two weeks, my favorite little boy, you:

  • Are wearing size 1 diapers.  Thankfully we only had one pack of newborn ones!
  • Are wearing 0-3 month clothes.  The newborn clothes never had a chance.  Pants are a little long (you have short, stumpy legs instead of long chicken legs like your sister), but we just roll them.  🙂
  • Still sleep great, and we have trouble keeping you awake for wake times.
  • Have a girlie scream/shriek.  I think it’s hilarious, but I hope you outgrow it before you have peers.
  • Still have all your dark hair.
  • Dislike tummy time, and have rolled yourself front-to-back to avoid it a couple of times.
  • Are easily settled.  Daddy can go in and just pick you up for 30 seconds and have you right back to sleep.  Love it!
  • Absolutely despise being cold. This includes bath time.  You are one of those babies who howls through the entire bath, even with two warm washcloths on your body!

012110 01


7 thoughts on “Markus, 2 weeks

  1. Oh my. He is precious. What a great photo. My new boss has twin girls (almost 6 weeks old) and I get to hold them on a daily basis. Cool that I am getting paid to get my “baby fix!” 😉

  2. HAHA, even in my weakened, “sicko” state, this post made me crack up! I mean, the vast majority of it is very sweet, and he is JUST darling……

    But I laughed because I think your children officially have nicknames now. Chicken and Stumpy. Ha-ha! Love it…….

  3. Oh I love that picture! So sweet!
    We didn’t use newborn diapers for very long either. Squawky’s been in size 3s since October and a couple weeks ago when we were thinking of switching back to cloth, we tried on the biggest size we have and….no dice. We could hardly get them done up! Yikes!

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