Fashion for the Post-Partum Stomach

Can I just talk for a moment about how excited I am that all-over ruffles and drop waists are in style for this spring?  Because even if I meet my post-pregnancy weight-loss goals as they arrive (FAT chance; pun intended), my stomach skin will still resemble an over-used bean bag full of hair gel.  Seriously gross.

So shirts like this and this and this and this make me quite happy (Except what is with all the silk?  Did we not learn anything from the pit stains of the early 90s?).

And though I love the cinch-waisted 50s look that is back in style, I’m a little less optimistic that I will ever look nice again in outfits like this and this.  But I might be able to pull off this with some leggings…

Any trends for this spring/summer of which I should be aware?  Something that a newly-turned 30-yr-old can pull off?  I am waaaaay out of the loop as far as fashion, since I haven’t really purchased anything wearable by a non-pregnant person since last spring.  I lurve this outfit (the one labeled “Oatmeal and Taupe,” but I would have to find a cheaper version.


7 thoughts on “Fashion for the Post-Partum Stomach

  1. I actually also get really excited about the empire wasted shirts – the ones that you can find in juniors/misses etc. sections where they are tight on top and then flare out as you get lower, towards the hips – very exciting too. I wore a lot of those in post-partum days.

  2. I saw an adorable drop-waist top at Kohl’s yesterday, perfect for my not so great belly! Sadly, my belly is over 4 years old!!! But carrying a 9 lb, 10 oz baby, then two years later carrying a 10 lb 3 oz baby makes for some not-so-strong abs! UGH!

  3. Yeah…6 babies later, my stomach is…ahhh, shall we say, permanently scarred. I’m really happy about the loose shirts, too. But I have to wait until September before I can get any. For some reason, I can’t get into Anthropologie. All my friends like them but I’m still a Gap girl, I guess.

  4. For the record, I just read the sentence “…my stomach skin will still resemble an over-used bean bag full of hair gel” to my hubby, just so he’d get a heads up. 🙂

  5. A couple of my favorite “mommy” fashion blogs:

    This isn’t necessarily a “mommy” fashion blog, but it’s still really good:

    I have the hardest time with tops…see those tops with all the ruffles don’t work for me. Sure, they’d hide the mummy tummy, but with my already way-to-ample chest, I’d look a bit like Pamela Anderson….but NOT in a good way! Some of the banded tops work, and some make me look bigger than I am.

    Turn Style is one of my favorite places to shop. They have cute stuff, and it appeals to my frugal tendencies.

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