Markus, 3 weeks

Not a whole lot has changed, but a few things I’d like to chronicle are:

  • You are sleeping much better for naps (we had a few challenging days between last week and now) and staying awake better for feedings due to the helpful stuff I found on this site.  It’s so counter-intuitive, but I had been trying to keep you awake too hard, so you were too overstimulated to sleep!  Now we’ve reduced your wake time to 30-60 minutes per feed-wake-sleep period, and you’re back on schedule almost to the minute.  I think it’s so cool that babies can do that!
  • You are growing.  I would not be surprised if you’re already up to 11 lbs.  You are now filling out your 0-3 month clothes nicely and even starting to wear some of the 3-month stuff.  You have an abundance of clothes already!  I didn’t expect that as much with a boy, but from now until summer, you’re pretty much set.
  • You are easily agitated by your big sister.  She is your main over-stimulant.  She loves you to pieces, and gives you hugs and kisses all the time, and I think you’ll get along great once you’re older and can better handle her energy.  🙂
  • No hair falling out yet!  Hooray!  You may keep it yet, despite your light eyebrows.
  • You are starting to find your fingers and suck on them occasionally.
  • You are holding your head up and looking around a LOT, though not with the control of an older baby.  I am surprised by your strength.
  • You’ve also rolled front-to-back 5 times, which makes me less and less certain that it’s a fluke.
  • Tummy time is not your favorite time, but you do pretty well until you roll yourself over.
  • You still hate being wet or cold.

No photo this week.  Haven’t had time…sigh…


2 thoughts on “Markus, 3 weeks

  1. My boss brings her twin baby girls (2 months) to work with her. I get to hold them, I know all about how precious they are at this age! Enjoy! Markus is adorable by the way…don’t worry about photos, just get some rest Mommy!

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