The Glass Castle

I have been reading a couple books while nursing Markus and taking my mandatory strongly recommended daily baths (to help with healing).  One I just completed is “The Glass Castle.”

This memoir describes the ups and downs (mostly downs) of Jeannette Walls, from age three to adulthood.  I found my jaw on the floor page after page, not able to believe that the stories she tells are her own experiences.  The family is a bit rough around the edges, and the language reflects that.  But overall, I recommend this book–it will, to use a cliche’, broaden your horizons and make you view your fellow man in a different way.


3 thoughts on “The Glass Castle

  1. I zipped though the review of this book on amazon and unfortunately these kinds of atrocities happen more often than we care to admit.
    I have read blogs about the horrors of childhood and I have friends who were abused or molested. It breaks my heart…the only hope that I have found is those who have come to accept Christ and see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    There is a mommy blogger that I pray for daily who has such a horrible past and has to try to “deal” every day… 😦

  2. I loved this book. Read it for book club a while back. I love books that broaden my horizons, pull me from my comfort zone and help me understand people better. Sometimes I think books like these should be required reading for everyone…they grow empathy.

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