The Gentle Art of Domesticity

At Beck’s recommendation, I checked out this book, along with a pile of others, in January.  It was like eating comfort food in the form of words.  Brocket basically makes her own case in the beginning of the book.  This paragraph struck me as great great dust jacket fodder, a sort of “why to read this book”:

The gentle art of domesticity is also the art of the possible.  We not longer need to knit socks, exhaust ourselves on “baking day,” stitch quilts to keep ourselves warm or sew aprons to wear in the kitchen, and we are no longer judged on the quality of our hemming, pastry or heel-turning.  The gentle arts have moved into a new realms in contemporary life, a realm we can choose to enter should we wish, and one in which the act of doing is as important as the result.  Ignore all calls for perfection and focus instead on what you can achieve, and the pleasure of the gentle arts will be yours for the taking.

It’s also full of eye candy–pleasing photographs to lure you into these gentle arts.  While Brocket and I don’t necessarily share the same philosophy of life, she sure can make a beautiful quilt!


3 thoughts on “The Gentle Art of Domesticity

  1. Isn’t that a lovely book?
    When I was having SUCH an awful time last year, I found it so comforting, this world of pretty colours and easy pleasure. I’m glad you liked it, too.

  2. Is that your own crochet project? Pretty? Just wanted you to know that I put you on my blogroll. I just joined WordPress! Would love to hear from you! 🙂

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