Food Paint

I got this idea from Amy who got it from Katherine Marie, who has AMAZING, educational, theme weeks she does with her kids.

020610 4 Painting

We did this for a late night snack, and Anja only got two colors of paint instead of four, but she thought it was really fun.  I thought it was fun, too, until she started dumping all the popcorn into the paints.  Ah well, such is life with kids!

FYI, my “paint” is just regular milk with a drop of food coloring in each.

See, Ma?  I have blue.
020610 Painting

And pink.
020610 2 Painting

Let me know if you try it–happy painting!
020610 3 Painting


4 thoughts on “Food Paint

  1. I love when you post these ideas!
    A couple weeks ago, we brought some snow inside to play with in the sink and it was a HIT! Particularly nice b/c it’s a little hard to go out and play in the snow these days with both the girls.

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