Valentine Fun

A sweet lady from my church brought us some meals and some books for Anja and Markus a couple weeks ago.  Anja’s book was this one:

020610 Fancy Nancy

Fancy Nancy and her friend Bree make valentines, so we did, too (if you get one of these, pretend to be surprised).
020610 Cards

Nancy had a wreath made with paper hearts, and Anja wanted to make one of those, too. We just used leftover foam hearts from the valentines and stuck them on a piece of cardstock. Simple, but she loved doing it.  Husband says the wreath hanger is a little hefty for it.  Heh heh.
020610Heart Wreath

We’re in the process of another craft that I hope we finish before Valentine’s Day. If not, no big deal. What kinds of activities do you do with your kids?


4 thoughts on “Valentine Fun

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  2. Pretty! Last year I had a Valentine’s card making party with my bff, her kids and my oldest daughter’s friend. I just bought stuff from Walmart and Target. It was fun though.
    This year I had a moms get together, that was fun, but fattening! Everyone brought goodies! Yumm.

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