15 Toy Rule

Back in the day before I had children, I had lofty goals.  One of these goals was that each child would be limited to fifteen toys.  “When a new one enters the house, an old one has to go,” I told myself.  I think I heard someone speak about it on Focus on the Family, and I really thought it sounded like a great idea.

Yeah, not so much.  Can you imagine keeping a busy kid (and Anja is very, very busy) occupied seven days a week with 15 toys?  Yikes!  I realize there are families who make it work with that amount or even less, but I think I would pull all my hair out within a matter of hours!

One of Anja’s “guys” (special toys) is Sherman.  Sherman used to be mine, and he was long ago confiscated and now has a new owner.  He is well-worn, showing signs of much loving.  I read somewhere recently about a “100 project,” where you take one hundred photos of the same object in different settings.  Right away I thought of Sherman, because I knew I wouldn’t even have to find the settings for him–he is always in some random, cool place.  I can glean from my daughter’s creative play!

So here is the first of what will probably be many photos of Sherman over the coming year.  Note the comfy “pillow” that came out of a jewelry gift box.  Heh heh.

021410 Sherman

3 thoughts on “15 Toy Rule

  1. How fun…love the randomness of it. Anja will enjoy seeing these when she’s older. Similar to taking pictures of “flat stanley” or flat susie” in different settings.

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