Markus, 2 Months

My baby boy is already two months old!  I can’t believe how quickly it has gone.  I am really enjoying his little personality, which is starting to show.  Markus, this month you:

  • Are smiling socially.  You will sometimes smile at us to get us to smile, or you coo to get our attention and then start smiling.
  • Love the ceiling fans, just as your sister did.  Even though they are way far away, and you obviously can’t see them clearly, I think you like the contrast between them and the white ceiling, and it makes you very happy.  Such a funny boy!  I have to admit I sometimes get jealous when you seem to like the fan more than me.
  • Are still not sleeping through the night.  This is a source of frustration for me.  We’ve tried many different things, but you refuse to go longer than 5 hours (I think you’ve done 6 maybe twice) between feedings, which makes for one tired mama!  I’ve resorted to going to bed earlier and earlier, trying to get more than 6 hours of spotty sleep myself.
  • Eat like a champ.  I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve gained 5 lbs by your 2-month appointment, which is next week.  You are so roly-poly.  I love it!  I wanted a baby with thunder thighs this time, since Anja had long, skinny sticks for legs.  You delivered, big time.  Ha!
  • Made it through your first trip.  Granted, it was only a half hour away, but you slept great in an unfamiliar place, and you even had to share the room with your sister (who talks non-stop until she falls asleep).  Way to go, Markus!
  • Still don’t like riding in the car.  Whereas a lot of babies your age will sleep from the moment they enter until they exit, you fuss on and off throughout every ride.  I’m confident you’ll grow out of this.
  • Are liking baths more.  You are okay with just one rag to cover you now.
  • Are still quite terrified of your big sister.  When you hear her, your eyes go big and your mouth makes a little “o.”  I find it funny, and I’m sure in time you’ll get used to her volume and spunk.

030710 01


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