More Anjaisms

Anja watched as I changed Markus’ clothes this morning, and as I finished putting his pants on, she said, “Mama, now Baby Markus is a boy!”


Playing with a flashlight in her dark room has been one of Anja’s favorite activities lately.  She and I were doing so yesterday, and I was swirling it in little patterns on the ceiling (you know how if you move it fast enough, it looks like more than just a dot of light).  First I did a circle, “Look, Anja,” I said.  “It’s a circle!”  Then I made a straight line.

I couldn’t think of any other shapes that I could move fast enough to make, so I passed the flashlight off to her for a turn.  She shook it haphazardly around the ceiling and exclaimed, “Look, Mama!  I made a tiger!”


2 thoughts on “More Anjaisms

  1. That’s funny! I guess you better work on your flashlight drawing skillz.

    Yesterday, I told the LG she should use her imagination. She told me “Dad should use his imagination instead.”

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