Confession: I Hate the Phone

I rarely answer my phone. Half the time I forget it on vibrate and don’t hear it, and the other half of the time I can’t tell who’s calling (unless a person is entered into my phone) because it only shows the last 7 digits in the caller ID, and I’d say 65% of what I get is solicitations and scams (even though we’re supposedly on the “do not call” list). I miss my landline.

Can I really be a woman if I hate talking on the phone? Can I ever have real girlfriends if I hate talking on the phone?

Seriously. Answers, please! I feel like my fear of the phone isolates me and keeps me from having better relationships with other women.

11 thoughts on “Confession: I Hate the Phone

  1. I’m even worse! I NEVER answer my phone, even when I know who it is, my mom, my brothers, friends, sometimes even my husband, I just let it go to voicemail.
    I hate my phone!

  2. I love calling friends, but I hate answering the phone. I have my cell on vibration ALL the time and even if I hear it ringing I check the number and if I don’t know it I most likely divert the caller to my voicemail.
    I wasn’t like that in the past, but the number of “spam calls” has grown over the last years and i just HATE that. But my friends are fine with that, because they know that I’ll call back immediately if I miss a call…

  3. I answer my phone nearly every time it rings, but I don’t really like talking on the phone. With the exception of when I was a teenager and would talk to guys on the phone – but only if they called me 😉 My friends and I communicate nearly completely by e-mail and texting. None of my friends are big into talking on the phone, and I’d say that we’re all still close.

    • I hate talking on the phone too. I would just rather meet people in person anyways! Plus, I feel like I can barely hear them half the time and I’m always saying “what”? I have a 600 minutes per month plan, and I usually use about 100. =)

  4. I also hate talking on the phone. Thats why I love cell phones, because you can pretend you didn’t hear it. Talking on the phone just seems like wayyyyy more work than talking in person.

  5. I am not a phone person, never was. If I talk to someone who talks less than me I make it up by blabbing a mile a minute. And if I talk to someone who is by nature a blabber I find myself awkwardly speechless.

    And it’s the latter people that I end up putting off calling because I either don’t have 2.5 hours to sit on the phone or I don’t want to take 2.5 hours to sit on the phone. I would love to visit in person for 2.5 hours but I guess I just get restless and distracted easily when on the phone (like I think about things I need to be doing – how horrible!), especially for a long time. And I don’t want to come across sounding like I’m not listening or that I don’t care. Seriously I wish I could say, “It’s not you…it’s the phone!” 🙂

    And I can’t stand, *can’t stand* the cell phone delay. It’s choppy and instantly breaks up the flow of conversation. I always start talking at the same time as the other person and then they’re like, “I’m sorry, you go first” though I was going to say something dumb and unimportant like, “Yeah, I know” or “that’s crazy!” It makes it almost impossible to carry on a real conversation as if we were face to face b/c of always having to stop and say, “What was that now? What were you saying?” Plus with the phone you don’t get eye contact or other nonverbal communication.

    I definitely prefer face-to-face, although since my family all lives in MN it’s either the phone or Facebook!

  6. I don’t have a phone aversion. I could easily spend 2+ hours on the phone ON ONE CALL in my earlier mothering days.

    But now? With an active toddler, an in-utero baby and two school-age kids? I have no time to talk. It’s just my stage of life.

    And I’ve heard MANY women say they hate the phone, so no, I don’t think your distaste interrupts friendships.

    (But I will say: Most telemarketers are prohibited by the FCC from calling cell phones. So if yours is getting a lot of calls, you should look into it.)

  7. Sorry if I passed that bad gene on to you too. Your Dad used to get so frustrated at me for not calling people and I think I have heard you say that a few times to me too. ha!

  8. I am totally the same way! Everyone is always complaining how I never answer my phone…How do people even think I have the time to just sit around and chit chat when I have an 8 month old scampering around trying to put every shiny object in his mouth!and then they have the nerve to take it personally!! It;s not personal people, just because I am a SAHM doesn’t mean I sit around watching soaps and eat bonbons all day….I’m at work.

  9. It’s a RARE occasion when I answer the phone before listening to the machine and hearing who it is. I’ve told this to a few people so sometimes, they’ll just keep talking long enough for me to get there. And the message on our machine has never once promised to call anyone back. I always say ‘leave a message or try calling us back later.’
    My best friend has informed me on several occasions that I am a TERRIBLE phone friend. Oh well.
    Last time I checked, I’ve had two kids though, so I’m pretty sure I’m still a woman. 🙂

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