First Day of Spring

We’re a little odd around here…we celebrate the first day of spring the way most people celebrate Easter, mostly because we don’t want bunnies and eggs mixing with Christ’s death and resurrection.  Anyway, we had some fun today, and here are some photos and words.

Anja, post-egg hunt, opening her finds.
032010 Egg Hunt

Here’s a similar photo from last year. Makes me sad (but happy) how much she’s grown. Sigh…look at those little baby cheeks! And she had yet to start being terribly naughty.
Egg Hunt 2 032909

Dying eggs:
032010 Egg Dying 2

Those two closest to Anja ended up being my favorites…double-dipped so the colors were richer (one pink-orange and one green-blue).
032010 Egg Dying

032010 Egg Dying 3

Yeah, we had egg salad for supper tonight. 🙂

And Markus spent a lot of time doing this. The “baby paper” in the bottom left corner was his gift for the day, along with a pair of sunglasses (Anja got a pair, too). He was immediately intrigued by the sound it made.
032010 01

He is bound and determined to become a thumb sucker. I keep taking it away from him, hoping he’ll stick to a pacifier (though he doesn’t use either very much…he’s still a pretty contented little guy). Did I mention he was 13 lbs 10 oz at his 2 month appointment? Freaking HUGE. But so cute.

Favorite Anja quote of the day…during snack, I commented to Husband, “She’s one of those rare birds who will eat cheese plain.”

As he was replying, “I think most kids do,” she interrupted, while flapping her arms, “I’m a parrot!” and chuckled heartily. I had a good laugh, too, and then explained her joke to Husband. Sometimes she transcends her little kid dorky humor and makes a decent funny. Love it.


4 thoughts on “First Day of Spring

  1. I like your approach — allowing the kids to experience the secular fun, but tying it to the season (vs. the actual holiday) so that Easter can be about Jesus. I’m taking notes for a few years from now! 🙂

  2. Super cute! Anja looks like a little mini version of your profile picture in the first picture of her!
    How did you get the writing on the Easter eggs?
    Tottie is a thumb sucker. Much to my dismay too. I tried so hard to get her to take a nuk but alas, she’s a thumb sucker. Thank goodness she’s only a sucker when she’s tired!

  3. I agree–I really like your idea! Wish I had done that since our kids were little.

    The worst part about the whole secular Easter thing is when the clerks at grocery stores ask my kids “So, is the Easter Bunny coming to your house?” They always just stare back, kind of stunned. We’ve never done the bunny–my husband and I did not grow up with that. But having baskets filled with spring stuff to celebrate spring is such a nice idea! (Don’t get me wrong–we usually have the chocolate, and have treats etc…we’ve just never “celebrated” Easter with the baskets and gifts etc.)

    I usually buy the kids bubble stuff, new skipping ropes, balls, etc. to replace last year’s worn out things (and because it’s on sale). I should just get it all together in a big basket and give it to them for the start of Spring! Thanks so much for the idea!

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