Spring Cleaning

Our kitchen is the cleanest it’s ever been. Even cleaner than when we moved in (since the people who left didn’t clean the house before they moved out…is it just me, or is that really rude and gross?)!

It’s all due to Tsh’s e-book, Spring Cleaning for Normal People. I don’t get paid to plug her, I just really like her site and really like her e-book (and hey, what’s not to like about a book I can leave on my computer–one less thing to clutter up my house). I think I bought it two years ago, and though I’ve never done it in 10 days straight like the book lays it out, I’ve always appreciated her great tips and step-by-step process.  It makes me, a chronic multi-tasker, able to focus on one thing and get it done before moving onto the next.  That is HUGE for me, since I tend to start shining the sink and go, “Oh, the cupboards should be wiped down.”  Then as I wipe them down, I’ll inadvertently open one and decide that I should remove every single item in them and start organizing.  And my husband comes home to a giant mess, complains, and I respond that it’s all okay because I’m “organizing.”  Ha!  Piles everywhere….that is the name of my game.

I just commented to him that out of all the things I could have inherited from my family, why couldn’t it have been neatness?  I mean seriously, instead I got Mom’s thighs and Dad’s shoulders.  Straight A’s in high school don’t mean much if you can’t keep your kitchen counter clutter-free.  But I wouldn’t probably have the creative, fun side of me without a case of the messies.

Anyway, all that to say that I pretty much followed the kitchen cleaning part to the letter this time (I started with the kitchen since I haven’t gotten to it in-depth the past two years), and it feels AWESOME.  The only thing on the list I didn’t do is clean my oven.  It’s not in my genes.  That is the one part of my mom’s house that makes me feel all self-righteous.  I can run my fingers over her shelves and not find a speck of dust.  I can eat off her floors.  Her mirrors don’t have fingerprints on them.  Don’t get me wrong–I think it’s super that she’s so clean (remember, I wish I could be!).  But when I open her oven and see burnt-on scum, I feel all tingly inside.  Sorry to out you, Mom.  But nobody’s perfect, and I like that.  Your dirty oven makes me happy.

7 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning

  1. You totally could have been talking about me and my husband. When I clean I toss everything on the floor in a pile and then my husband walks in and his eyes bulge and he about-faces and leaves, shaking his head and muttering stuff about my organizational skillz. 😉 I might need that book!!!

  2. Thanks for the tip! i think i might be buying the book. i’m JUST like you with cleaning. i ultimately never get anything completely cleaned, and then the cycle of piles and mess just gets started again.

  3. “I got Mom’s thighs and Dad’s shoulders.” – You and me both!

    I have to say that I have turned into a neat freak. I’m not a germ-a-phobe but I may be a crumb-and-dust-a-phobe. It’s tough to open the curtains to let in the morning sun only to find crud on the wood floors and dust covering our black kitchen appliances. When that happens I have to do something about it. And if there are papers and mail all over the kitchen table (as there is often) I have to either organize the pile or go through it and find a place for every piece, trash or elsewhere.

    I grew up in a house of clutter and grime (I’m glad my mom doesn’t read your blog!) so maybe I’m overcompensating now that the responsibility of my home falls on my shoulders. It will be interesting to see how lax I become with the little one.

    I’m sort of scared I might fall into the trap of spending more time obsessive compulsively keeping the house clean than loving on my baby boy. I pray that God uses this kid to mess me up! (Pun intended!)

    You are so creative and because of that your kids will take so many great family memories into their adulthood!

  4. Hey, watch what you say about my thighs. ha! I’m so sorry I passed that on to you. Where did I get them? I’m glad my oven makes you feel good, that was your Dad’s job and I have no intention of cleaning it. It eventually turns most of it to ash and disappears.

  5. That was cute what you said about your mom’s oven! I’ve been away from the blogs due to my 35 hours at the office this week. Just noticed that I am your bloggy fiend!! Talk about making someone happy! Thank you! You are so sweet!!! 🙂

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