The “Fit” Challenge

As much as this post should be about getting my body fit (another challenge I’m facing lately), it’s actually about our home.

The Challenge: Fitting all of Anja’s stuff and all of Markus’ stuff plus a new big girl bed into the 2nd bedroom.

The Bigger Challenge: Fitting all of what is currently in the 2nd bedroom (the bigger one) into the 3rd bedroom.

I hope to post photos of progress.  It may be soon, it may not.  I want to get this done sooner than later, but Husband is in no rush.  I’ve been measuring, drawing, rearranging furniture (on paper), picking paint colors…but nothing has been moved or done in real life yet.  However, I found an inspiration photo for the kids’ room that will save me from removing a wall of wallpaper (even though there are four other rooms of wallpaper we want removed eventually).

Anyone have any successful renovating or fix-it-up (big or small!) projects that you’ve completed lately?  I love reading stories and seeing finished products to inspire me, to remind me that it can be done.  Thanks!

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