Always Changing, Rearranging

We’ve been busy the past couple of weeks.  Not that that’s unusual for any family, I guess.  But busier than normal for us.  I got several quotes from local painters to do some work in our house, and since all were over what we were willing to spend, we jumped right in (as in, the same day) and did the work ourselves.

We’ve been trying to turn our old office/TV room into the new bedroom that will be shared by Anja and Markus (“before” picture below).  And the other, smaller bedroom that used to be Anja’s room will now house the office and TV.  It’s a really tight squeeze, so we’re getting rid of quite a bit of furniture (a sofa table, two end tables, a chair, and maybe more.  To make room for these changes (and the new big girl bed),  we’ve also been rearranging a lot of the rest of the house.  The hardest thing for me has been cleaning out closets.  I can’t believe how much stuff they hold!  Thankfully, God has really blessed me with the ability to purge right now, no matter my sentiments.

office before

I hope to post some “after” photos sometime soon, but who knows?  I’ve had my new camera for a week and a half and haven’t even opened the package yet!  That’s how busy we’ve been. Sad.


040210 Grandma

My mom visited for Easter.  I made potato lasagna on Friday (not spectacular but decent…I’ll make it again), she took us out to lunch on Saturday, and we just took it easy after church on Sunday.  She looked through a photo album of me when I was a baby and agreed that Markus looks an awful lot like his mama.  Since Anja looks quite a bit like Husband (other than the blonde hair), I think it’s fun that my boy (for now, at least) looks like me.

032510 2

032510 1

He’s such a chunk. So adorable!


4 thoughts on “Always Changing, Rearranging

  1. He is sooo beautiful! I love the gummy smile. Yes, I can’t wait for “after” photos. I am a sucker for room makeovers. I think I am an HGTV junkie. (good thing we don’t have cable anymore!)

  2. What an adorable little man! I have one son that looks like me the other 2 kids look like my husband. It is fun!!

    I wish I had that ability to purge. I am such a pack rat and too sentimental!! I need someone to come to my house and do clean sweep with me. I am hoping to get that done before baby #4 is born in August!! 🙂

    How fun to rearrange. The end product is so nice but crazy and hectic when you are in the middle of it.

    Yay for Anja to be in a big girl bed soon!! We just made that transition with our 3 year old. The boys have bunk beds and he gets to sleep on the bottom. We were waiting until we could find a used safety rail. We found one for free at our church garage sale. YAY!!

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