Markus, 3 months

This is a tiny bit late, but that’s okay.  I know you’ll forgive me, because you’re the best. boy. ever.  🙂

Markus, at 3 months, you:

  • are holding your head up quite well, looking around and such.
  • are still fitting in size 2 diapers…barely.  My, you’re a chunk!  I just love nibbling on your rolls.
  • are about the smiliest baby I’ve ever seen.  You stop nursing all the time just so you can smile at me over. and over. and over.  I love it.  I could stare ate your smiling face for hours.  And blessed me, I get to!
  • eat 6-7 times per day, depending how many times you get up in the night (yes, you are STILL getting up in the night).  Your longest stint is usually from your 8:30 p.m. feeding to around 3:00 a.m.  Anytime you’re ready to start sleeping longer, I’m ready!
  • are starting to be more interested in Anja as another person, not just a “big scary being.”  It’s fun to watch you jabber at her to try to get her to interact with you.  She loves to give you big kisses, but she doesn’t have the patience to sit and play with you yet.
  • love watching things dangling over your head, whether they are toys, ribbons, burp cloths, fingers…pretty much anything.  Mommy hopes to make you a mobile one of these days.
  • talk quite a bit.  Your babbles are so cute; they range from “goos” and “gaahs” to little flutters of the tongue when you’re trying to copy my noises.
  • will stick your tongue out at us when we do it at you.
  • differentiate between our voices.  You get awfully excited when you hear Daddy on the phone or when he gets home!
  • are growing your hair back.  Parts of it are still falling out (sad!), but it looks like the new stuff is dark blonde as opposed to brown.  Your eyes are changing color, too, and are kind of a murky mix of blue, brown, and gray.  Anja’s eyes did that and they turned brown.  There goes my dream of a blue-eyed, brown-haired boy!  🙂
  • love it when I give you my thumbs to hold, “rev” them a little bit, and make motorcycle noises.  That gets your biggest smiles!

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4 thoughts on “Markus, 3 months

  1. I lovvve this age. The twin babies at work are a month older, but because I see them almost everyday, they recognize my voice and my face! They are sweeter than sweet and my goal is to get them to laugh that gurgling baby laugh! Enjoy your little guy! 🙂

  2. Congratulations! I haven’t been around for a while, lost my bookmarks a while back…and then one day I thought, “Gee, I haven’t read MN Mom’s blog in a while.” I’m so glad to be back! Markus is beautiful–Anja is getting so big! 🙂

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