Vintage Trike

It was mine growing up.  And Husband has one just like it, too.  They’re a little big for her right now, but maybe in a couple more months she’ll be able to ride!

040410 Trike

040410 Trike 2


4 thoughts on “Vintage Trike

  1. When my oldest daughter was little I bought her a vintage trike from a garage sale. It was a great way for her to learn how to ride! Haven’t thought about that trike in awhile… 🙂

  2. Heidi, I love the photos on your blog and seeing how well you capture your beautiful family!
    If I wasn’t living in Australia, I would definitely be asking for a pic session with you.
    Anyhoo, I was wondering what sort of camera you’re using as I’m browsing for one myself… ?
    Thanks and keep up the blogging, I love it.

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