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So I may be late to the party on these…

Is it just me, or can’t you simply give your kid an actual APPLE?

I happened across a site today where a dad was giving these bags of apples all kinds of props. Personally, I think the “preservatives” and “packaging” that an actual apple comes in are less scary and less wasteful than this. Call me Scrooge, but I don’t really want my fruit sliced and put in a bag when I can eat it the way God made it.


As if the pickles weren’t enough to try this week, I also made PW’s brisket (3-pounder took almost as long as her 8-pounder took, fyi) and Joy the Baker’s cake. ¬†Father’s Day, you know?

Both were delicious, but I didn’t take photos of the brisket, so you just get to see the cake. ¬†Funny thing about the cake–neither Husband nor I were overwhelmed with excitement about our first piece. ¬†But over the next day, something in the frosting “settled,” and it tasted less sour and more creamy amazing. ¬†I encourage you to try it!

Also, my glaze didn’t dribble nicely down the sides of the cake like hers. ¬†It sat on top like a giant, fat slug, so I took it upon myself to spread it all over the cake.

Cake 1

Cake 2

I Can Can!

I’ve long been afraid of the world of canning. But after I saw Darby’s recent pickle job, I decided I could do that. So I did.

I followed the recipe (without her edits), but made the following changes:

used regular cucumbers
used black peppercorns and 1 tsp. dried mustard powder
1/4 c. more ea. water and vinegar
Reduced sugar to 2/3 c. (I like ’em more dilly than sweet)
Added a clove of sliced garlic to each jar–yum!

Before adding liquid:
Pickles 1

“Pickling” in the fridge:
Pickles 2

Super-easy, and even yielded some pickled onions for Husband to use on his sandwiches. Next time, I’m going to up the water content and reduce the vinegar content a little, and maybe only use 1/4 to 1/3 c. sugar. They were a little zingy, even for Husband, and that boy likes his zing!

And Mama Was There, Too

I’m not much of one to get my own picture taken, much less post it on my blog, but I am trying to take the advice of those who say, “Get yourself in front of the camera, too! You don’t want your kids to think they didn’t have a mother!”

061310 2

061310 3

061310 Mama 1

061310 Mama 2

I think I forgot to do the white balance on the ones of Anja and me…oh well!

Father’s Day

Still miss you and love you, Daddy.

And to Husband: You play with the kids, patiently teach them things, cheerfully read them books, change diapers, clean up messes, wipe away tears. ¬†You’re a great daddy, and we love you! ¬†Happy Father’s Day!

061310 Daddy

061310 1

Because I have nothing better…

My search terms now are boring. ¬†Things like “funny hamsters” and “funny drug pics” (?) and “happy funny photos” bring people to my blog. ¬†Apparently I have lots of funny stuff here. ¬†So I’m re-posting this from back in the day when I used to get hilarious search terms.


I get traffic from some interesting searches on my blog.¬† And I aim to please.¬† Even if there weren’t items linked directly to these particular searches before, now there will be.¬† Without further ado, Search Terms Illustrated, a.k.a. a few quick sketches to help these people locate that for which they search).

cheerleader handwriting

what will my baby look like pictures

Wait, what?

how to dress of can tomato soup

hamsters in a fancy restaurant
hamster dinner

wanted precious moments minnesota

p.s. If you’re really looking for some Precious Moments, my very own mother could probably be convinced to part with about 65 of them.¬† For the right price…

The “More Kids” Debate

How many of you have had it with your spouses?

If Husband gets his way, we’re done. ¬†If I get mine, I’d like to at least try for one more (though not anytime soon!).

Pros of one more:

  • A possible sister for Anja (built in best friend!)
  • A possible brother for Markus (built in wrestling buddy!)
  • Getting to use all those clothes one more time
  • I can’t think of a single family where they had only two opposite-sex siblings and they’ve remained close as adults (if you know of one, feel free to tell me!)
  • Anja should be old enough next time to be somewhat helpful, instead of tantrum-y and jealous
  • We make cute babies
  • I loooooooove newborns (never used to until we had our own)

Cons of one more:

  • Pregnancy
  • Labor and delivery (though I am considering an epidural if I ever do it again, which may??? make things be less dreadful)
  • Losing sleep
  • Throws my photography schedule out of whack, depending on when he/she is due

Big Kid Bed

Two weeks now! ¬†No safety rail, we just put pillow down on the floor next to it for the first week. ¬†She’s doing surprisingly well, much better than we expected. ¬†We moved Markus into his crib now, too, and that’s also gone better than anticipated. ¬†Yay for things that are easier! ¬†That doesn’t happen often with kids, I’m learning. ¬†ūüôā

060110 bed

We’ve had a mundane week after our big weekend. ¬†Went to the mall to pick up something I had on hold. ¬†Two walks outside yesterday, including time at the park. ¬†Baked cookies. ¬†Today we went in search of a traveling puppet wagon, but they weren’t real clear on where they set up, so we only saw the very end. ¬†But we got to make a craft (joy!).

Markus is rolling all over the place, and scooting on his tummy a bit. ¬†I had a feeling he’d do that before he sat by himself. ¬†He’s never complained much about tummy time, and he’s darn strong for being such a fatty fat. ¬†It’s fun to watch the effort he puts into his new skills.

To work now, for me.  Kids are both sleeping at once, which lasts about an hour.