Up Nort’

We spent Memorial Day weekend at my mom’s house.  The kids did pretty well in the car, although Markus had a major meltdown that evening while we were at my two cousins’ graduation receptions.  All my relatives now think he’s a fussy baby, I’m sure.  Poor little guy!  Eight hours in the car is just no fun for anyone, much less a 4-mo-old!

Mom completely spoiled us with meals, as usual.  She waits on us hand and foot (a girl could get used to that!), and she watched the kids on Sunday so Husband and I could get out for some time by ourselves.


On a completely different note, do any of you think the current trends in photography are a little weird?  Like, I imagine the children of these couples in 20 years looking through their parents treasured photos and being like, “Mom, why were you standing in a dirty bathtub?” or “Why did you hang me in some fabric from a tree branch?”  Not that I haven’t fallen prey to some of these trends, of course.  I have seniors hanging out in parking ramps and couples in front of graffiti.  But some of it still seems…odd…to me.  That said, it’s all a step up from this, right?  🙂


4 thoughts on “Up Nort’

  1. I have to admit that I think most photographers are getting a little on the too artsy/weird side. And then…what’s wrong with smiling a little????

    It’s true you did take a picture of a senior in a parking lot, but the lines in the shot are really good!! It’s not weird, it’s just interesting. And she’s still the main subject of the photo. I’ve looked around a bit at photographers but so far, you’re my favorite. If I was ever going to pay for a private session I’d definitely pick you, and I’m NOT trying to suck up or anything. I think you do really nice work. You’re not over the top, your pictures are always balanced and in focus and you don’t over-process them afterwards. Too bad we live so far apart or I’d hire you to photograph our family after Isaac is born in August.

  2. How’s your mom doing?

    Of course, I get sucked into the trends too. But I do have to say that the bathtub photo is just weird (and that photog is going to wonder why he’s getting a bunch of hits from here–hi Mark! 🙂 ).

  3. Definitely better than everybody in silver boxes….I’m less disturbed by the bathtub photo than I am by the fact they they don’t really seem to be smiling in any of the pictures. Somebody forgot to remind them that it’s their wedding day.

    The one trend I find a little annoying and becoming a little unoriginal already is playing with the colour saturation so much that the picture looks like it was pulled out a photo album from the 70s.

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