Markus, 5 months

Five months already?  Sigh…my boy is turning into a little man these days, doing so many big boy things.  Markus, at 5 months, you:

  • Are rolling back-to-front more regularly than front-to-back.
  • Still have a slew of nicknames, from Punkin Pie to Little Man to Thrower Upper.  🙂
  • Are more selective with your smiles.  I know this is a sign that you’re maturing properly, but I liked it when I didn’t have to work at all for them, just putting my face in front of yours was enough.
  • Are scooting around on your back.  I’ll leave you on a blanket playing and come back and find you three feet away from where you started.  The little bald spot on the back of your head is not going away anytime soon if you keep this up–ha!
  • Are starting to get stronger with your “sitting muscles.”  I can support you at the hips, and you’ll sit for at least a few seconds.  But you seem like you might crawl before you sit; you’re always pulling your knees up under you when you’re on your stomach.
  • Slept your first night in the crib, sharing the room with your sister.  It was good for Mommy to have better sleep, but it was also hard letting go.  It means you’re growing up!
  • Are transitioning out of your 3rd daily nap.  You’re dropping it later than most babies do, I think, but you’ve always been a good sleeper!
  • Seem like you’ll be ready to start solids soon.  You watch every bite I take like a hawk, and you’re quite interested in glasses of water, too.  Anja liked them so much she skipped using a sippy cup.  Maybe you’ll do the same.
  • Are obsessed with your feet.  I think you’re too chubby to get them all the way to your mouth, but whenever you’re on your back, you grab them and roll around, showing off.  It’s quite adorable.
  • Had your first long road trip.  We went to Grandma’s over Memorial Day weekend.  You did well for the first leg of the trip (6 hours), but when we made you ride along another hour to some family grad receptions, you had a melt-down.  I didn’t even know what to do, because you’d never done that before.  Poor little guy!
  • Are sleeping from a 9:30 p.m. feeding to 7 or 8 a.m., with the help of a pacifier usually once during the night.  As much as I want you to self-soothe every time, you usually need a little help at 5 or 6 a.m., but I’m hopeful that you will get there!
  • Love to grab Mommy’s mouth, chin, and glasses while you eat and burp, or any other time you’re being carried.  You also get all up in my face while I’m burping you, which, with how often and how much you vomit, is a fearful thing.  But you seem to think it’s a really funny joke, and it does make me laugh almost every time.  Almost.  😉
  • Are ticklish as ever.

“Whatchoo lookin’ at, Mama?”

“Oh, just your back rolls and giant, nom-able thighs.”  Good thing he’s not a girl, right?  I’d give him a complex!

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