Family Weekend


Farm fresh strawberries

Walk to the park



Arugula and sloppy joes

A nap

The Blind Side


Lots of ice cream

Fresh spinach quiche

Windows open, fresh air

Dancing to Christmas music in pretty dresses

Banana split

The MOA, Rainforest Café

A merry-go-round ride

A walk

Watching my baby army crawl

061310 1


5 thoughts on “Family Weekend

  1. Okay, 3 things: did you like The Blind Side? I was skeptical, but I enjoyed it a lot. I ate at that Rainforest Cafe and had a portobello mushroom burger. It was delicious!! That kid is *sooooo* cute!

  2. Is your husband like my husband and people say he looks like he’s 20??? Mine won’t go without a goatee because of that. Actually he looks about 16 without it!

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