Sunday Sunshine 06.13.10

Play Your PositionInspired to Action

Cool Mommy Product for the pregnant

When the family and I were driving up north for Memorial Day weekend, we witnessed a rather scary sight.  Shortly after exiting the freeway and getting on a smaller highway that takes us the last hour-and-a-half north (yes, WAY up north in Minnesota), we saw an older man out working in his yard.  In his gray-but-once-whitey-tighties.  And that’s it.  His whole body was quite tan, which led us to believe this is not an uncommon occurence.  Can’t you just hear his wife, hollering from the shadows of the screen door: “Harold!  Harold, you’re making a scene!  Come put your pants on!”

To which Harold mutters, “Darn woman.  Leave me alone.”

It’s a different world up there in the beet fields… 😉

5 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 06.13.10

  1. I loved the entry “Play Your Position”. Totally reminded me of what is important, in THIS season of my life.

    Your description of the old man in his undies could have very well been an occurrence in my hometown. ‘Course, Harold would not be his name… more like Skeeter or Bubba… or even Boudreaux – if he was Cajun.

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