Big Kid Bed

Two weeks now!  No safety rail, we just put pillow down on the floor next to it for the first week.  She’s doing surprisingly well, much better than we expected.  We moved Markus into his crib now, too, and that’s also gone better than anticipated.  Yay for things that are easier!  That doesn’t happen often with kids, I’m learning.  🙂

060110 bed

We’ve had a mundane week after our big weekend.  Went to the mall to pick up something I had on hold.  Two walks outside yesterday, including time at the park.  Baked cookies.  Today we went in search of a traveling puppet wagon, but they weren’t real clear on where they set up, so we only saw the very end.  But we got to make a craft (joy!).

Markus is rolling all over the place, and scooting on his tummy a bit.  I had a feeling he’d do that before he sat by himself.  He’s never complained much about tummy time, and he’s darn strong for being such a fatty fat.  It’s fun to watch the effort he puts into his new skills.

To work now, for me.  Kids are both sleeping at once, which lasts about an hour.

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