Because I have nothing better…

My search terms now are boring.  Things like “funny hamsters” and “funny drug pics” (?) and “happy funny photos” bring people to my blog.  Apparently I have lots of funny stuff here.  So I’m re-posting this from back in the day when I used to get hilarious search terms.


I get traffic from some interesting searches on my blog.  And I aim to please.  Even if there weren’t items linked directly to these particular searches before, now there will be.  Without further ado, Search Terms Illustrated, a.k.a. a few quick sketches to help these people locate that for which they search).

cheerleader handwriting

what will my baby look like pictures

Wait, what?

how to dress of can tomato soup

hamsters in a fancy restaurant
hamster dinner

wanted precious moments minnesota

p.s. If you’re really looking for some Precious Moments, my very own mother could probably be convinced to part with about 65 of them.  For the right price…

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