And Mama Was There, Too

I’m not much of one to get my own picture taken, much less post it on my blog, but I am trying to take the advice of those who say, “Get yourself in front of the camera, too! You don’t want your kids to think they didn’t have a mother!”

061310 2

061310 3

061310 Mama 1

061310 Mama 2

I think I forgot to do the white balance on the ones of Anja and me…oh well!

10 thoughts on “And Mama Was There, Too

  1. These are great! And your kids will be thankful that they have them someday. Then they can look at them and say, “Look how YOUNG Mom was!” At least that’s what my sister and I say when we look at our old photos. 🙂

  2. Super cute pictures! I love the pink shirt on you for pictures. It’s a great color for you and matches the lipstick well. 🙂

  3. There are a few pictures at my parent’s house of just mom and each of us 3 kids when we were in the single digits. I cannot tell you how much they communicate that mom loves us.

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