Markus, 6 months

Sadly, I don’t know if I’ll get to finish this post before it goes up. If I do, great; if I don’t, we don’t love our boy any less! ūüôā

071610 Bib-eating

Sherman with Some Friends

070410 Sherman

Never mind that she’s not supposed to be playing on that bookcase…

Also, I had a very involved dream about Sherman recently. He got thrown (by Anja) off a very large waterfall and we went to all sorts of lengths to rescue him, including talking to some people about filtering all the water out of the river until we could find him.

Cherry Pie

We got some sour cherries in our CSA box, so I made this pie. ¬†I think it was my first cherry pie. ¬†The crust seemed sticky and the filling took forever to thicken on the stove (I even drained off a little juice and added a couple more teaspoons cornstarch), but the finished product was quite delicious! ¬†As you can see, I don’t really take time to make fussy edges or beautiful lattice on my pie. ¬†Husband called it the “melting ghost” pie.

070210 Pie