Cherry Pie

We got some sour cherries in our CSA box, so I made this pie.  I think it was my first cherry pie.  The crust seemed sticky and the filling took forever to thicken on the stove (I even drained off a little juice and added a couple more teaspoons cornstarch), but the finished product was quite delicious!  As you can see, I don’t really take time to make fussy edges or beautiful lattice on my pie.  Husband called it the “melting ghost” pie.

070210 Pie


5 thoughts on “Cherry Pie

  1. Thank you for linking! I’m enjoying looking at your photos. Especially the pie. Food photography is so difficult and this photo looks like it should be in a cookbook.

    We have the same yellow duck as the one in the photo of your bookcase.

  2. Try using some “Minute Tapioca” (baking aisle). You don’t have to cook the pie filling first, just mix the cherries with some sugar and the tapioca, dump it in the pie shell and bake. And don’t worry, there shouldn’t be any little ‘fish eggs’ when it’s all cooked…..
    I love the Melting Ghost. Funny. 🙂

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