Sunday Sunshine 07.18.10

Can we talk about how much I need something like this myself?  Grown-ups are not immune to the need for a retreat, and we are wise to do this for our kids.

And in case you ever wondered who lives in the picture-perfect rooms you find in Pottery Barn or Ballard, now you know.  It’s Gary and Elaine.


4 thoughts on “Sunday Sunshine 07.18.10

  1. I LOVE Gary and Elaine! DId you see the new entry? I also love the one about “ripping pages out of my book and sticking them to the wall in case you like reading before bed like I do.”

  2. Sweet mercy, that was 20 minutes well spent. I ripped through their blog, laughing all the way, ha. ha. ha. Bells on–

    Anyway, I had to promise L: “just one more, and I won’t keep making you come over here and look at what is making me wheeze with laughter.”

    (Wheezing. It’s one of my most endearing qualities.)

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