Minnesota State Fair – Food Picks for 2010

I am so glad Minnesota has seasons.  Because even though it’s August already (I’m still mad at June and July for coming and going in such haste), there’s stuff to look forward to.  Vikings games, apple orchards, and, even sooner than those, The State Fair.

If you’re planning to go, save yourself the trouble of costly food mistakes…here are my recommendations (and things to skip) from last year.

I realize not everyone is on the same page with me regarding Sweet Martha’s (obviously, since they are the top-grossing vendor at the fair), but you would truly be better off buying a package of refrigerated Toll House dough and baking them at home.  They are NOTHING SPECIAL.   If you are looking for a baked good to go with your all-you-can-drink milk, get something from French Meadow Bakery’s stand.  You will not be sorry!

New foods I’m hoping to try this year: Caramel Apple Puppy (from the Fudge Puppy stand) and O’Gara’s Sweet Potato Tots.

If you want to see what eats are at the fair this year, here’s a link to the Food Finder.

7 thoughts on “Minnesota State Fair – Food Picks for 2010

  1. I’m sharing your post from last year with my sister – they live in Bloomington and go to the fair this year so this might be helpful. Thanks! (Sweet potato tots sound really tasty.)

  2. How crazy, I was just thinking about the Fair today! Not that I actually get to go this year either, even though last year I swore I would be in town for it. Oh so tempting, but we’re going in October since you just can’t beat MN in the Fall.

    So, I look forward to attending vicariously through your post-Fair-food review post. (That sounded funny.)

    The draw for Sweet Martha’s is no doubt the fresh baked/warm gooey-ness. Which like you said, can easily be replicated at home for much less than $8 a dozen. Maybe most people don’t bake??

  3. So, when is the fair? I’m craving a funnel cake right now. The fair we go to is not until October–I suppose we could go to Toronto to a huge one, but we kind of like the smallish one we go to. I’ll have to go back and read last year’s post. I can’t remember if you have funnel cakes there.

  4. You guys ever head over to Cokato for their corn carnival?? It’s a bit of a drive but Mmmmm Mmmm good worth it. Just in case you miss the state fair, you do have another option.

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