Let us pause in life’s pleasures…

Isn’t it interesting how much the seasons affect blogging?  I can post multiple times a week in the winter (less work, less playdates, less trying-to-squeeze-in-every-possible-activity-while-the-weather’s-nice), but summer whizzes by in a second and my blog sits here, neglected.  And it’s kind of our family scrapbook.  So nothing we do in the summer gets documented with words.  And sometimes not with photos, either.

But I guess that’s part of living life in the present, right?  Won’t always have time to record the memories.

Anyway, Markus was 7 months yesterday, and the little bugger is just a hoot!  So full of personality.  He’s a “talker” just like Daddy and big sister.  He rolls everywhere in lieu of crawling.  He’s sitting up okay (not great) now for 2 minutes at a time before he loses balance.  And we now play “catch,” rolling a ball back and forth (he catches really well, actually), on an almost daily basis.  He started solids at 5 1/2 months and likes his rice cereal, peas, prunes, applesauce and sucking on the occasional piece of fruit through one of those mesh thingies.  He sleeps, mercifully, from around 9:30 pm to 8ish am most nights, and even if he does wake in the night, is usually comforted easily with a pacifier and goes right back to sleep.  He loves to watch his big sister dance, read, play with toys, just about anything, and he always tries to get in on the action.  Very social.  He also has about the saddest little face ever (which is amplified because he’s so happy all the time normally) when she does something mean to him or he’s scared.

In other news, Anja is FINALLY making progress with potty training.  And just in time!  She’ll soon be three and starting preschool, and the potty readiness is a prerequisite.  After 5 months of torture, she has decided to cooperate and pee on the big potty.  Happily and (usually) willingly, I might add!  Thank you, Lord!

Lots of weddings and seniors have kept me busy in the photography realm lately, which is why I haven’t been able to read or write much for leisure.  Sad, but it’s what helps us pay for groceries and air conditioning (which we’ve actually needed this summer—another praise!).

The end, since I have work to do during naptime.  Hope you’re all well and enjoying summer as well!

3 thoughts on “Let us pause in life’s pleasures…

  1. Nice to catch up again…it’s kind of the same here. I’m still blogging about vacation in early July. Oh well, the kid are only home for three more weeks and then it all begins again.

    You’ve got to add a pic of the kids soon though–babies changes so quickly!! Take care!

  2. Wow, can’t believe Markus is already 7 months! Wow, time flies!
    I am glad that potty training with Anja is going well. I have been making great progress with Anika this week too. I have found if she wears a dress with nothing underneath or just underwear she knows when she has to go to the bathroom. If she has a diaper or pullup on she makes no effort and just thinks, “oh I am wearing a diaper, I can just go to the bathroom in it.” She will even start to take off her pants and then she realizes she has a diaper on and say, “Oh I have a diaper on and pull her pants back up.” That little stinker! So now I don’t let her wear a diaper except naps and night and she’s been dry all day. I’ve even taken her up town twice this week for a while each time without a diaper and no accidents!!
    Yes, it looks like you’ve been super busy with your photography! You always have new posts up of pictures you’ve done that I wonder when you fit it all in! Glad your business is booming!

  3. Yay for Anja! That is huge! Yes, summer has been tough for us as well. Especially with Husband being home all the time! But today is a sign of another change, shopping for school supplies! I look froward to some normalcy in our lives1 🙂

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