The New House

So…our family has made a rather large purchase recently.  I’m excited about it, and also trepidatious.

We bought a house.  It’s nothing fancy, but it’s ours.  It has one more bedroom and a nice, big yard where the kids can play.  It’s a bit farther from Husband’s work, but he said he doesn’t mind.

Anyway, I’ve been gathering ideas, drawing floor plans to figure out how our current furniture will fit in the new place…we don’t close for a while yet, so we won’t be moving for a couple of months, and I’d like to spend some of that time getting the design solidified in my head.  Some changes will have to wait until we have more $, but we would like to re-do flooring, trim, and some paint colors on the main level of the house.  EEK!

I have had a tumblr account for over a year (just haven’t shared it here before) that gives you some ideas of my taste in decorating, food, and other things.

But I started a new tumblr account specifically for gathering inspiration for my house.  If you know of any websites or blogs that seem like they’d fit my style, let me know!


9 thoughts on “The New House

  1. Yeah! That is SO exciting! I am so happy for you guys! Do you still have to sell your townhome? I love the tumblr account. That is very cool. I looked through about 6 pages, very cool ideas in there. I need some inspiration here too. I wish someone would just hand me a bunch of money and tell me that I could only spend it on decorating my house because I am so cheap when it comes to that.

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