Anja, 3 years

A bit belated…

My precious pumpkin, bursting at the seams with personality…this year has not been easy. If someone had told me the terrible twos would be this hard, I may have reconsidered having children.

That said, I am taken with you. I love:

  • Your fascination with the smallest of things
  • The way you carefully enunciate every word
  • The southern drawl you seem to have picked up somewhere (“My favorite color is ray-ed”)
  • How you ask to wear a beeeauuutiful dress every morning
  • That you don’t put up a fuss when I make you wear pants instead some days
  • Your voracious desire to read
  • The incredible stories you weave, almost all of which include a spooky forest or cave
  • How much you adore throwing tea parties
  • When you have the most random smattering of guests to your tea parties (like Mommy, a stuffed dog, and a tiny worm sitting in a giant chair)
  • Your long, blonde hair
  • The way you form words with your little mouth
  • When you try to tickle me
  • Your knock knock jokes (the punchline is always: “___ went to school”)
  • How you are 3 going on 13 (when we tell you no to something, such as a cookie, and you stomp off to your room, saying, “Then I will never, EVER eat a cookie.  NEVER!” and slam the door).  Wait, this might be also something I hate…
  • Your huge heart for your extended family (you just looooove your grandparents and aunties and uncles, etc.)
  • How you make up random songs about everything and even tell entire 15-minute long stories via song and rhyming verse

True, I could do without the power struggles, tantrums and drama, but I keep praying God will use that strong will of yours to His glory some day.

We love you, Anja.

my big girl

4 thoughts on “Anja, 3 years

  1. So sweet! It’s so cool that you record things about them at their ages. It will be so fun to have all of those memories written down when they are older. I should really do more of that. I write down tid bits of things now and then in their “baby” books.

  2. You need to record somewhere our hide and seek adventure and her comment, “Grandma’s in the wall, somebody has to get her out”. I thought that was priceless.

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