Obstinance at its Funniest

Background information: Lately Anja has developed the habit of holding her pee in, waiting until the need to go is urgent and she can barely make it to the potty.  This has resulted in a slew of recent accidents.


Today, we arrived home from preschool pick-up.  Anja keeps dropping to the floor in a position that leads me to believe she’s straining her bladder again.  I tell her to go pee.  She assures me that, no, she doesn’t have to go.

Me: Just know that if you have another accident, you will be receiving a spanking and a time out and time in your bed.

Anja: I will not cry when you spank me.

Me: Okay.  Will you cry when you have a time out?

Anja: I will not cry when you spank me.  I will not cry when I have a time out.  I will not cry when I have time in my bed.

Me: Okay.  But if you have an accident, YOU will be the on cleaning it up.  I’m sick of it.

Anja: Well, THAT could be pleasant.

I have to turn away at this point because I’m laughing.

9 thoughts on “Obstinance at its Funniest

  1. I have had similar conversations with my first born daughter too. They only get better with more age and more knowledge 🙂 I have been following your a long time now. I can’t believe how big Anja looked in the picture from the other post!!! Thanks for sharing this great conversation!!

  2. Our youngest has been holding in her poop as long as she can. She gets extremely whiny and wants to be held all because she doesn’t want to poop. I really hope she gets over it soon!

  3. Wow–i just do not get why they do that. Our four year old can be wiggling and dancing and still says she doesn’t have to go. Sometimes I take her by the hand, start talking about something else and just put her on the toilet without even mentioning it because I just don’t want to have a fight! Good luck!

  4. It is ~so~ hard not to laugh sometimes.

    Joel was in trouble a few nights ago. We called him upstairs to talk to him. He arrived wearing only the top half of his lion Halloween costume, looking sad and contrite.

    Only. The. Top. Half. It was so hard to keep a straight face, lecturing him on calling someone a name.

  5. One of my kids was notorious for this. I finally told her that when she had an accident, she was going to get a cold bath. I didn’t make it ice cold, but cool enough that it was uncomfortable for her. It only took one bath, and that was the end of that problem! She didn’t think that was fun at all!!!

  6. Heidi – this was the conversation that I was talking about – this one and the time when she told Ben that the baby would not love her because she was dangerous – these are my favorite Anja moments

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