If you’re Minnesotan…

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Also, I LOVE IT when my blog snows!  I put some setting on here when I first started it, and I have no clue how to remove it, but it starts snowing every year.  Makes me happy!

How was your Thanksgiving?  For what/whom were you most thankful?

Happy Thanksgiving!

I have grown a whole new appreciation for “art” since having kids. I don’t read Martha Stewart Living and envision a paper bag turkey as my centerpiece, but sometimes the heart of your child is more important than having a perfectly set table.

We have a simple garland of dollar store leaves strung on yarn hanging on the wall, washable marker drawings of sunsets and dragons on the fridge, and laminated construction paper as a placemat.  And it is all beautiful.  Today, I am thankful for my art and for the little hands that made it.

101510 Turkey

A Night Away

Two weekends ago Husband treated me to a night away. It was a celebration of sorts, marking the end of my busy season with work. I needed it. Oh, did I mention it was a night away ALONE?

Through Living Social (love their deals!), he got me a night at a very nice hotel in Minneapolis, the Hotel Ivy. I also got a massage at their shwanky Ivy Spa Club.  The massage was overall pretty good, but the lady did something weird to my hip that made me nauseous for days and is still giving me slight pain.  It felt strange when she did it too–I should’ve just spoken up and asked her to stop.

The hotel was probably one of the nicest I’ve ever stayed in. Clean, simple, understated room (sorry I’d already made myself at home before I took these pics).

110610 02

110610 08

Luxurious bathroom. Oh yes, I soaked in that tub.

110610 01

My room didn’t face the city, so my view wasn’t the best, but that didn’t stop me from taking several photos out my window. 🙂

110610 03

110610 04

110610 05

I ordered room service from their restaurant, Porter & Frye, for both dinner and breakfast. It was fine–nothing spectacular, but not bad. Pricey. Breakfast came with all these cute little bottles of stuff, and I got to thinking about how anything I don’t use will probably be tossed out. That made me sad, and since I was paying $20 for eggs, I took all the little bottles home with me (obviously not the salt and pepper).

110610 06

Happy, refreshed mama. With unwashed hair–sorry ’bout that.

110610 07

And I came home to this guy, who had recently been gifted some jewelry by his daughter.

110710 01

It was a good time away. Thanks, Hon!