Markus, 9 months

It’s been a couple of weeks since Markus turned 9 months, but I still want to talk about what I love about my boy.  Markus Scott, at 9 months, you:

  • are uber-happy, unless you are teething.  You are content to play by yourself for quite awhile, but you also love following your sister around and watching her.
  • Have one tooth!
  • Use that one tooth to eat anything put in front of you.  Your favorites are…um…pretty much everything!  Usually when it’s time for Anja to have a snack, you crawl over to the foot of her chair and beg, much like a dog.  Kind of pathetic, but cute nonetheless.
  • Have a great sense of humor already.  Though it’s a little boy’s sense of humor.  You laugh at burps and toots.  But you also do funny things and then look at us to make sure we’re watching, then you laugh like crazy.  I love it when you get the giggles.
  • Weigh 20 lbs 5 oz, and you are 28.5″ tall, the 50th and 75th percentile, respectively.  I guess you’re thinning out a bit, though one wouldn’t know that by looking at your thighs.  🙂
  • Have given up on crawling like a normal baby, we think.  After three months of honing your “army crawl,” it seems you are quite content to use that as your main means of getting around.  But we do catch you “revving” on all fours a few times a day, so who knows?  I happen to think your army crawl is pretty adorable, so no rush on the real crawling thing.
  • Like to come find us.  If you are alone for longer than a few minutes, you usually come creeping to another room to find one of us.  You also come when I ask you to.  “Markus, come here,” I say, and you will creep over.
  • Find it fascinating when your sister is crying or in trouble.  When she has her time-outs in the hallway, you regularly go crawling over there to watch her cry, which only makes her cry harder and scream at you.  As your mother, I think the whole scenario is quite hilarious.
  • Are starting to play with your sister.  I love watching the two of you share a few toys or her try to explain something to you.
  • Love balls and anything with wheels.  Though you have access to all the same toys Anja did, you regularly choose anything that rolls.  You also love going for rides on the little push car, and you do quite a good job of holding yourself on there while we zoom around the house!
  • Have started “climbing” stuff.  You rarely choose the path of least resistance, instead enjoying the practice of climbing over large toys, pillows, and blankets or under low-hanging pieces of furniture.  I don’t mind rescuing you when you get stuck.
  • Love music.  Whenever I turn on a CD (especially the Quebe Sisters), you get this big, goofy grin and crawl to the living room to “dance.”
  • Are very, very interested in the carbon monoxide detectors.  Even one beeping loudly in your face the other night has not deterred your affection.
  • Are drinking from a sippy cup and still learning to do a big cup well.
  • Make tornadoes of toy mess everywhere you go.  No matter how many times I pick stuff up, you empty it faster.
  • Associate the syllable “ma” with me and “da” with Daddy.  You will follow me around babbling “ma ma ma ma” and will whine the same thing when you want to be fed (you know the baby sign for milk, as well), and when Daddy gets home you usually give a happy grunt and then start with your “da da da’s.”
  • Cannot lay still for a diaper change to save your life.  While Anja definitely resisted, we never had the all-out wrestling matches we do with you.  I usually try to distract you by giving you a toy to play with; even if it only helps for 5 seconds, that’s long enough for me to get your bum wiped.
  • Love love love bath time.  You “swim” around on your slippery little belly and splash like crazy.  It’s quite entertaining to watch!
  • Are the joy of our lives.  Your smiles and happy nature keep us sane some days!  We love you, Markus!

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2 thoughts on “Markus, 9 months

  1. He is going to love reading this stuff when he is older. Both of them are. My mom did not write down a thing for me and I think that made me the “scrapbooker” type because I wish she had.

    Time is going too fast. It seems like he was just born!

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